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Al-Jaafari: elections in any country is an internal affair that no one has right to talk about

20140313-221703_h533053 (1)Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, affirmed Thursday elections in any country is an internal affair that no one has the right to talk about.
Al-Jaafari, at a press conference following a briefing presented by UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to Security Council, said election is the ownership of the people, adding “People’s Assembly will continue drafting the general elections law, and this is a law which is not only restricted to the presidential elections which will be run during next July, but also includes the parliamentary and municipal elections.”
The Syrian envoy stressed that Syrian people and government will not allow anyone to interfere in elections as they run according to the constitution, and they will not allow creating a constitutional vacuum that would give justification to governments, which are plunged in shedding the Syrian blood, to continue their acts in Syria without punishment.
“We have submitted 500 letters, with full names and dates, to the UN regarding terrorists who perpetrated terrorist acts against the Syrian people through Saudi, Qatari and Turkish support, but, unfortunately some UN members work against the Syrian government and obstruct its mission,” al-Jaafari said.
He affirmed that the Syrian government has been committed to combating terrorism in any place, based on its responsibility to protect the Syrian people, saying no one can deny the threat posed by armed terrorist groups in Syria.
“At last, some Security Council’s representatives acknowledged to the existence of terrorism in Syria and to the facts on land after they turned a blind eye to these facts, a number of them deliberately because their governments have played a role in instigating terrorism inside Syria,” al-Jaafari said.
He made clear that when the Syrian government has insisted on combating terrorism since the beginning, it did so because Syria has considered terrorism as the largest threat posed against its people, adding thousands of Syrians were killed because of the so-called “terrorism beyond borders.”
“The Syrian government is in agreement with Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism.” Syria’s Envoy to the UN said.
On the blackout of some western media and UN about a convoy transporting chemical stockpile which came under a terrorist attack in Lattakia port, al-Jaafari said it is very regrettable blackout would be practiced on this act, adding “we have drawn the attention of Security Council’s members to this blackout, but any comment has been never issued by Security Council or the UN General Secretariat, taking into consideration that this act would lead to a catastrophe if an attack had happened on the chemical stockpile when being shipped in Lattakia port.
He said those who deal with this critical issue, regardless of the UN-OPCW Coordinator Sigrid Kaag and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons who assume their duties, are not at the level of moral commitment which requires anyone to talk to the press and points to the terrorist attack by the armed terrorist group on the chemical weapon convoy.

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