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35 ISIL Terrorists Surrender to Iraqi Forces

35 members of the ISIL terrorist group surrendered to the Iraqi forces in the Western parts of Ramadi, Anbar province.

Commander of the third battalion of the Iraqi popular forces Mahmoud Marzi was quoted as saying by Soumerya news that all the terrorists are from al-Karamah town who joined the ISIL in 2014.

Also, another Iraqi security force reported that 8 ISIL members, among them an Afghan ringleader, were killed in Matibjah region in the Eastern part of Salahuddin province.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, Iraq’s Kurdish Pishmarga forces, in a surprise attack on the ISIL positions in the early hours of Tuesday morning, killed tens of Takfiri terrorists in Southern Kirkuk, local sources said.

At least 80 ISIL terrorists were killed and dozens more injured in heavy clashes with Kurdish forces.

A Pishmarga source said that the ISIL forces attacked the Kurdish forces from six different directions, but they were pushed back.

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