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Zionists utilizing terrorists’ bases in northern Iraq

Stating that the regime is utilizing terrorists' bases in northern Iraq, the Commander of IRGC Ground Force said that his forces hit 40 targets with dozens of suicide drones in this region.

Speaking about the recent operation of IRGC Ground Force in the destruction of the terrorists’ bases in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said that Iran warned the Iraqi Kurdistan region that the presence and activity of terrorist groups near its western borders will not be tolerated.

About a month and a half ago, the Ministry of Intelligence identified and arrested the terrorist group that planned to conduct acts of sabotage on Isfahan’s nuclear facilities, he added, saying that in their confessions, it is stated that the Zionist regime sends trained teams who were selected among these terrorist groups to carry out terrorist activities inside Iran.

After the illegal entry of armed teams linked with the terrorist groups into the Iranian border cities in recent days, he added, “For this purpose, we first started shelling the bases of terrorists on the borders of our country with artillery and rockets, and then we hit the bases of terrorist elements up to 130 kilometers deep from the borders of our country. In some areas, we hit about 40 targets with more than 70 missiles and dozens of suicide drones

According to reports, the terrorists residing in northern Iraq are largely involved in recent violent riots in Iran by sneaking armed elements and weapons to support groups of foreign-backed rioters.

These thugs and rioters have exploited protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, engaging in acts of vandalism, bloodshed, and even desecration of Islamic sanctities in several Iranian cities.

Since last Saturday, the IRGC ground forces have launched a series of aerial raids on the positions of Iraqi Kurdistan-based terrorist groups.

Urging the Iraqi Kurdistan region to dismantle bases of the terrorist groups that sow sedition against the Islamic Republic of Iran, General Pakpour vowed that the operation will continue until the groups based in northern Iraqi regions are “completely disarmed.”

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