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Zionists, Saudis seek more destruction in Syria: Journalist

The Zionists and Saudi Arabia are seeking to create more “destruction and war” in Syria amid efforts by Iran to establish peace in the Arab country, says an author and journalist in Toronto.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is pursuing “a non-militaristic” solution to the Syrian crisis, “but at the same time cowing to US foreign policy, said Eric Walberg, a Canadian writer on the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

In an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Kerry said Washington should finally negotiate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to reach an agreement over the country’s conflict.

The top US diplomat said his country is looking for steps to bring the Syrian president to the negotiation table.

Commenting to Press TV on Tuesday, Walberg said, “Negotiations with Assad are an excellent idea, long overdue; they’re opposed of course by the cowardly Saudis” and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

“For them it’s great to have more destruction in Syria, more civil war; they don’t want peace,” he added. “The Zionists want war, Kerry wants some peace, the Saudis want war, of course, Iran wants peace.”

The notion that negotiating with Assad will cause militants fighting against Damascus to shift their support for the ISIL terrorist group is a “Zionist nonsense,” Walberg argued. “The Zionists have spread their wing so far, they don’t know even what their saying half the time.”

American officials had repeatedly announced that the future political system of the Middle Eastern country should not include Assad.

Many of the militants described as “moderate” were trained by the CIA two years ago and later joined ISIL, which now controls some parts of Syria and Iraq.

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