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Zionists assisted Resistance in Al Aqsa Storm op.: sources

A Palestinian Resistance official told Tasnim News Agency that some Israeli army forces had been cooperating with the Resistance groups for a long time and they provided some information about the areas that the Resistance infilitrated into during the Al-Aqsa Storm Operation.

The source said that in the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation, the Palestinian Resistance used this information to infiltrate the towns and especially the military bases around Gaza.

Saying that this cooperation is not only limited to information issues, the source added that the Palestinians, for a long time, have been suppled a large part of their equipment by the soldiers and the Israeli army.

Operation al-Aqsa Storm is the biggest operation launched by Palestinian groups against the occupying entity in years. It has so far led to the death of hundreds of Israeli settlers and troops while, according to unofficial estimates, approximately 750 Israeli soldiers and settlers have gone missing.


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