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Zionist Occupation Says Drone Crashes at Lebanon Sea Border

An Israeli Air Force drone crashed into the sea along maritime border with Lebanon on Thursday, before being retrieved by the occupation’s navy, the Israeli occupation military said Friday.

The crash occurred due to a “malfunction”, The Times of Israel quoted the occupation military as saying. No further details on the cause were published.

The occupation army said the entire fleet of the drone in question, which it did not identify, would be grounded amid an investigation into the crash, the Israeli daily added.

Lebanon Maritime Dispute with ‘Israel’

Tensions have been high between Lebanon and the Zionist entity in the last few months, as the occupation entity is readying to extract gas and oil in a disputed maritime zone.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun described the Israeli extraction in the disputed area as provocative.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has repeatedly warned that the Resistance won’t allow the Israeli enemy to extract gas and oil in the Mediterranean if Lebanon was prevented to invest in its maritime wealth.

Lebanon and the Zionist entity have been engaged in indirect talks aimed at solving the maritime dispute brokered by the United States. US Energy Envoy Amos Hochstein arrived on Thursday in the Zionist entity for talks with Israeli officials on the issue.

He is expected to visit Beirut and meet Lebanese officials after his visit to the occupied territories on Friday, according to Lebanese media.

Hezbollah has repeatedly warned the Israeli enemy against procrastination, threatening that all Israeli platforms in the Mediterranean are targets to the Lebanese resistance movement.

Hochstein has been also seen as a “biased” and “so-called” meditator, with many journalists and activists in Lebanon has been warning that the US energy envoy is Israeli-born, and took part in the 1993 Israeli aggression on Lebanon.

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