Enemies of Syria

Zionist Obama could not understand the solidarity between Government and Syrian People

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad greets people after attending prayers during celebrations of Prophet Mohammed's birthday at the al-Afram mosque in Damascus

“I don’t see how #Assad can bring peace or stability to an area that is majority Sunni.”
Barack Obama.

Don’t know where to start here.
1. The Syrian first lady is a Sunni.
2. Minister of Defense.
3. Vice president
4. Minister of information
5. 90% of Damascus’ inhabitants
6. 81% of the Syrian nationals.
7. 80% of the Armed Forces
And many others. Not that it matters what their orientation or religion is, they are Syrians.
Yet again an other valid example how the US intelligence agencies are aware of every situation.
On a side not, not that the Syrian Armed Forces, and the Syrian people care what anyone thinks.
3 and a half years of fighting terrorism and it only made us stronger.
Commander in Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces: Sir, you have your armed forces and your people behind you no matter what.

Source: Syrian Arab Army

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