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Zionist Israeli regime Deploys New Military Contingent on Golan Heights to Interfere in Syria

Gantz-1Chief of the Israeli Military Staff Benny Gantz revealed that the Zionist army has deployed a new contingent on the Golan Heights in order Gantzto face the Syrian developments as the clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorist groups southern the country escalated.
After the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Zionist field hospital on the Golan Heights to inspect the injured militants of the Syrian terrorist groups, Gantz visited the area and emphasized that his army is preparing to face the developments on the Syrian side, hinting to a direct military interference in Syria.
It is worth noting that Gantz’s statements synchronize with the progress of the Syrian army in the as it regained control over a number of positions.
In a different context, Gantz said that ‘Israel’ is worried about transferring the weaponry batches from Syria to Hezbollah, adding that certain developments may take place in this context.
Zionist Army Carries out Maneuvers in Positions off Lebanon
On the other hand, Al-Manar correspondent in southern Lebanon reported that “the Israeli army carried out maneuvers behind its positions on the Kfar Shuba Heights and the occupied Shebaa Farms as explosions were heard in the Lebanese villages at the borders with the occupied Palestine.”
The Israeli army launched a siren near the Lebanese borders on the heights of Kafr Shuba, and in all the bordering settlements, according to Al-Manar correspondent.

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