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Zionist Enemy Claims Killing Palestinian Teenager over Critically Injuring Settler in Occupied Al-Quds

The zionist occupation forces opened fire at a Palestinian teenager after allegedly carrying out a stab attack and injuring a Zionist settler in occupied Al-Quds. The enemy’s military claimed that the Palestinian, 15, had a knife in his possession.

The Zionist police also alleged that the stabber managed to withdraw from the operation scene before the Israeli soldiers killed him when he moved into a near park, adding that a long search in which helicopters took part was launched after the attack.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian young man died this evening at a hospital in the city of Qalqilia, north of the occupied West Bank, after he had been injured earlier Saturday by Israeli occupation forces near the city, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Rabi Arafah Rabi, 32

The ministry said in a brief statement that Rabi Arafah Rabi, 32, was critically injured by an Israeli bullet in the head, and was rushed to Darwish Nazzal Hospital in the city for medical treatment, where he embraced nartyrdom.

The ministry quoted eyewitnesses as saying that Israeli occupation soldiers manning a checkpoint near the city opened gunfire and critically injured him in the head.

Rabi’s father said that the Israeli occupation soldiers executed his son in cold blood while he was on his way to his workplace in the 1948-occupied territories.

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