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Yemen’s Ansarullah Leader: US, Allies Created Takfiri Terrorist Groups

Takfiri terrorist groups have been formed by the US and its allies, leader of Yemen's Ansarullah popular resistance movement Abdul Malik al-Houthi said.

The terror outfits have been created by the West, including the United States, and the Israeli regime — which is Washington’s closest ally, Houthi said during an address on Friday.

“By creating political crises, the enemies are trying to preoccupy nations and distance them from the path of productivity and progress,” he asserted.

Takfiri terrorist outfits, most notably among them Daesh (ISIL or ISIS), unleashed a campaign of bloodletting and destruction in Syria and neighboring Iraq in 2014 as the United States was running out of excuses to extend or enlarge its regional meddling.

The US and its allies invaded Syria later the same year under the pretext of fighting Daesh.

The US-led military interference was, however, surprisingly slow in confronting the terrorists, despite the sheer size of the coalition that had enlisted scores of Washington-allied countries. Numerous reports and regional officials would, meanwhile, point to the US’s role in transferring Daesh elements throughout the region and even airlifting supplies to the terror outfit.

Al-Houthi considered the United States to be responsible for sowing warfare and sedition across other nations so it can help American arms manufacturers profiteer from pouring weapons into the targeted countries.

Arrogant powers enabled the deployment of banned arms across several spots throughout the region, including in Palestine and Yemen, “thus committing genocide,” he said.

Al-Houthi was referring to the US and its allies’ sales of those weapons, such as white phosphorous and cluster bombs, to their proxies, including the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia, for deployment in the targeted locations.

He, however, warned, “Gone are the days, when we would only listen to the news about acts of encroachment against (other) nations.” “Now, we have entered the period of taking responsibility versus nations and confronting the dangers that threaten them.”

The Ansarullah leader advised regional countries to avoid playing into the enemies’ hands by letting them benefit from the nations’ internal differences.

“Ninety percent of the enemies’ plots against us (take place) through (their) exploiting the very internal differences,” he stressed.

Enumerating other means of US-led interference in other countries, especially those of the region, Houthi warned that “the Americans impose (their) mercenaries and ignorant (officials) on (other) nations as means of delivering heavy blows to them.”

By infiltrating their mercenaries into various positions of responsibility and institutions that are in charge of running countries’ economic affairs, the enemies would seek to carry out sabotage operations across the targeted nations, cautioned the Ansarullah leader.

“The biggest problem that our nations are suffering from is the persons that are submissive towards America,” he said.

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