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Yemeni Hezbollah missile strike reportedly kills dozens of UAE-backed forces in western Yemen

The Houthi forces, Yemeni Hezbollah, fired a missile towards a gathering of UAE-backed troops in the western Yemen province of Ta’iz on Monday, the Saba News Agency reported.

“The rocketry force of the army and popular committees fired on Monday a missile toward gatherings of Saudi-paid mercenaries in Yemen’s western coast in Taiz province” the Saba News Agency claimed, citing an official military source.

According to the report, the anti-government forces fired a Zilzal-2 missile at the gathering, killing and wounding dozens of ‘mercenaries.’

The Houthi forces are currently on the defensive in west Yemen, as the Saudi and UAE-backed troops attempt to capture the strategic port-city of Hodeideh.

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