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Yemeni Army Wins Back Key Heights Overlooking Al-Jawf Province


The Yemeni army and popular forces seized control of several strategic military positions and heights from the Saudi-led forces in strategic al-Aqaba mountains.
The captured military positions overlook al-Jawf province and hence they play an important role in monitoring and controlling transportation in the region.

Scores of the Saudi-led forces were killed or wounded in tough battle with the Yemeni army and popular forces over controlling al-Aqaba heights.

On Thursday, Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters, backed by army forces, captured several regions in Jawf province after an intense firefight with the pro-Hadi loyalists and Saudi-backed mercenaries near the key city of Al-Hazm.

As a result of these latest gains by Ansarullah in the Aqrab region in Jawf province this morning, the popular forces and their allies have now surrounded Al-Hazm, which is the provincial capital of the Al-Jawf province, Al Masdar province.

Meanwhile, in the Sana’a province, the Ansarullah forces are involved in a fierce battle near the Doud Mountains inside the contested Nihm District.

Saudi warplanes have reportedly launched several airstrikes over the Nihm District to prevent the Yemeni popular forces from advancing further East, however, they have done very little to forestall the anti-government forces.

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