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Yemeni armed forces say hit Israeli container ship in Arabian Sea

Yemeni armed forces say they have launched an attack on an Israeli ship sailing in the Arabian Sea as part of their campaign to force the occupying regime to end its aggression against Gaza.

It remained unconfirmed whether the vessel was directly impacted or sustained damage due to nearby explosions, Ambrey said. UKMTO said the incident happened 91 nautical miles south-east of Aden, according to Reuters.

Ambrey identified the ship as a Liberia-flagged, Israel-affiliated, container ship, en route from Singapore to Djibouti. Neither agency disclosed the vessel’s name.

“The vessel was listed as operated by the Israeli company, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services. This may have been an out-of-date affiliation, as the vessel was not listed on other public sources,” Ambrey added.

The container ship continued to transmit an AIS signal after the incident, it said.

Meanwhile, General Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, announced that the navy of the country targeted the Zionist ship “MSC SKY” in the Arabian Sea.

Saree emphasized that “This operation was carried out using a number of suitable torpedoes, and by the grace of God, these torpedoes hit the target precisely and directly.”

He added that, “The target of sinking this ship was achieved a few hours after the implementation of a unique operation to attack several American warships in the Red Sea using ballistic missiles and several drones.”

The spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces also declared that, “We insist on continuing to prevent the sailing of Israeli ships or ships that are leaving for the ports of occupied Palestine unless the war against Gaza and its siege stops.”​

The Yemeni army has launched attacks on shipping in the Red Sea region since November in solidarity with Palestinians.

The Rubymar cargo ship sank on Friday, becoming the first vessel lost since the Yemenis began their attacks.

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