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Yemen not to allow US to approach its territorial waters

Commander of the West Coast Forces Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Qaderi warned the United States on Wednesday in an interview with Al-Masirah TV channel.

The commander said, “The Yemeni Coastal Defense has been monitoring the American forces since they entered the Suez Canal and does not allow them to approach the country’s territorial waters.”

Mohammad Al-Qaderi added, “The presence of American and Zionist regime forces in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab is provocative, and the Yemeni Navy has capabilities and surprises for the enemy that will prevent their presence.”

Al-Qaderi also pointed out that the Yemeni Navy has taken unprecedented measures to build up and develop its capabilities since the time that the temporary ceasefire began and during the time of de-escalation and has surprises for the enemy now.

In the end, he emphasized that the forces stationed on Yemen’s coasts are in full readiness to respond to any possible aggression and will not allow anyone to violate Yemen’s territorial waters.

These remarks came after the US Navy said on Monday that more than 3,000 US sailors and marines aboard two warships had reached the Red Sea.


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