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Yemen army forces, allies crush Saudi Army on its own territory



The Yemen Army and allied forces of the Popular Committees have maintained offensive operations in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan, Asir and Najran regions inflicting heavy losses on the Saudi Army and its mercenaries.

In the Asir region, snipers belonging to the Yemen Army and Popular Committees have shot dead at least three Saudi soldiers over the last two days. Moreover, scores Saudi troops and Saudi-vetted mercenaries were killed and injured when their positions were shelled in the area of al-Rabo’ah.

In the region of Najran, Saudi-led forces suffered considerable manpower and heavy equipment losses when their bases and rally points were attacked by the Yemen Army and Popular Committees. Here, it is reported that at least 5 military vehicles belonging to pro-Saudi forces were destroyed when the Royal Saudi Air Force mistakenly struck them.

In the province of Jizan, artillery units of the Yemen Army and Popular Committees bombarded pro-Saudi positions at the al-Qanbour military installation and in the area of al-Towaal, shredding their ranks.

Overall these most recent achievements on the battlefield by the Yemen Army and its allies come as part of a greater offensive against Saudi-led forces on the territory Saudi Arabia itself that commenced several days ago.

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