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West Pursuing War-Mongering Policies to Maintain Dominance: Syrian President

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the West is conducting wars all over the world in order to sustain its hegemonic system and maintain dominance.

He further emphasized that if wars and military conflicts supported by specific Western powers end, the hegemonic system will collapse, according to SANA news.

Assad made the comments during a meeting with Roman Golovchenko, the prime minister of Belarus, who was in Damascus on Thursday.

He lauded the visit as crucial not only in terms of the bilateral agreements reached between the two nations, but also as a significant and practical step towards the realization of collaborative investment projects that would be advantageous to both the Syrian and Belarusian countries.

The Syrian president emphasized that because of Belarus’ strategic location in the center of Europe and the independence of its decisions and policies, it has been the target of Western sanctions.

“The West is pursuing the policy of waging wars around the world in order to maintain its dominance, as the hegemonic system will not survive once the military conflicts finish,” Assad pointed out.

He continued by complimenting Belarus’ assistance for Syria, noting that the Eastern European nation had steadfastly maintained Syria’s unity and territorial integrity while the Arab nation fought off foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorist groups.

Golovchenko, for his part, underlined that there are significant opportunities to advance mutual collaboration between Minsk and Damascus, stressing that Belarusian companies are eager to establish a range of projects in Syria and foster economic ties.

He emphasized that in order to expand the manufacturing sector and carry out cooperative projects, his country is looking forward to regular meetings and exchanges between Belarusian and Syrian businesses.

“The world has been undergoing profound transformations since World War II. New alliances have been formed among the countries that pursue policies independent of Western approaches. Over the past two years, Western countries have been waging a campaign of pressure against Belarus in order to deteriorate living conditions and paralyze economic sector there. They have also been carrying out a psychological warfare against Belarus in order to influence the world public opinion,” Golovchenko pointed out.

On Wednesday, Syria and Belarus signed multiple cooperation agreements and agreed to enhance cooperation in the face of mutual challenges, such as unilateral economic sanctions.

Earlier in the day, Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous met with his Belarusian counterpart in Damascus, during which they discussed economic ties, including strengthening trade and cooperation in the fields of energy, transport, education and culture, as well as the contribution of Belarusian businesses to Syria’s reconstruction.

The two sides signed six bilateral agreements and memoranda of understanding in the fields of trade exchange, education, housing, transport, industry and customs.

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