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Videos- Mujaheeds(?) in Syria declare collaboration with Israel, WAGE WAR against Islam

video syria

Syrian Sunni Women Raped by Takfiris At The Turkish Camps

So-called Mujaheeds in Syria getting medical treatment in israeli(the eternal enemy of Islam) hospitals
A HISTORICAL PLAN- Zionists:”Future Middle East should be based on Turkey-led Sunni Coalition.”
Israel Treats Wounded al-Qaeda,Nusra Terrorists

Israeli Businessman Moti Kahana Gathers Money to Support the Wahhabi Syrian Opposition
Israeli Channel 10 has discussed how certain Israelis are gathering money to support the Syrian “opposition” aiming at toppling the current secular government headed by Bashar al-Assad to replace it with a Wahhabi extremist government.

An Israeli businessman, Moti Kahana, is reported to have been making rounds in several places such as the US, Israel, and inside Syria in order to gather funds to help the militants topple Assad, who is seen by Israel as the major supporter of any resistance to Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East.

Video- Zionist-backed Infidel terrorists in Syria destroy Shrine in Al- Bab

Prophet Mohammad is the greatest ENEMY of americanized Mujaheeds in Syria.
Prophet Mohammad PBUH: ‘Whoever loves Hasan and Husayn, I love him, and whomsoever I love, God also loves, and whomsoever God loves, He shall cause him to enter into the gardens of bliss.’ Likewise he who hates Hasan and Husayn shall be consigned to the Fire, because both God and his Messenger will hate him, ‘and a terrible punishment awaits him’

And in the video the zionist servant satans are mocking Imam Hussain a.s this hadith shows that the terrorists are enemies of Allah, Mohammad PBUH, Ahlul Bayt, Sunnah and Islam.

Terrorists in Syria are the enemies of Islam because…
Leader of FSA Brigade-”We will Stand with US & Israel”
RASCAL Wahhabi Terrorists Sing About Getting Syrian Girls

Wahhabi Sexual “Jihad” – Saudi Wahhabi Terrorist From Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda In Syria) Sings About Getting Syrian Girls.
He Sings About Their Big Cheeks, Red Lips, Thin Waist, And Is Drooling To Get Some ‘White’ Girl From Homs.

The one who still supports the terrorists in Syria after watching this video can’t be a human
Saudi+CIA Paid terrorists Got Payments In CIA Dollars.
Confession by terrorists in Syria: “We have chemicals, we used it and we will use anytime…”
The WHY that Syria has been targeted brutally
FSA Leader: “All intelligence services of the world are present in FSA.”
After all his confession he got shocked when he learnt he was in hands of Syrian Army

Fear of Blasphemy, Mohammed Army is coming – Islamic Invitation Turkey


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