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Video- Sample of Post Assad Era: Mujaheeds(?) Honor Zionist Sharon, Host Channel 2

Date and Time:19 December 2012 – 23:42
The armed Syrian opposition hosted lately Israeli Channel 2 on Syrian territories, and helped its reporter prepare a long report that included investigations, interviews, and footage shot in their camps and regions they took control over.

A Syrian opposition leader told the Israeli reporter that his only enemy was Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, and that he would honor former Prime Minister Arial Sharon if he said he was against Al-Assad.

Moreover, as he indicated that he wished Sharon was on the Syrian opposition’s ranks in the fight against the Syrian Arab Army, the Israeli reporter said he chose to talk to these people to “learn about those who will take over power after Assad and how they view the Israelis”.

The report, which Itay Engel prepared for “Avodah” program on Channel 2, to be broadcasted Wednesday.

Mujaheeds  Honor Zionist Sharon, Host Channel 2

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