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Victorious Syrian army repels Turkey, Israel, US, West, KSA, Qatar-backed takfiris’ attack

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The Syrian army has repelled the Takfiri terrorists’ latest attack on the Syrian-Lebanese borders, killing many of them.

According to Press TV, the terrorists in the mountainous al-Qalamoun region had stepped up their attacks to re-enter the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The fighting ended as the Syrian army dominated the area, causing the terrorists to flee to the other side of the border.

In relation to the terrorists trying to re-enter Damascus through the countryside, a Syrian army officer told the Press TV correspondent, “After careful surveillance, we located a group of terrorists trying to cross from the Lebanese side of the mountain into Syria. Our units dealt with them with suitable firearms, eliminating several of them.”

On the Syrian side of the mountain, locals have joined forces with the army to protect their villages.

Qalamoun was for months the scene of relentless fighting between the foreign-backed ISIL terrorists and the Syrian army.

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