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Velayati meets with Syrian tribal leader, stresses Syria’s unity



The senior adviser to Iran Leader Ali Akbar Velayati received a representative of Kurdish tribes in Syria during which he stressed unity among all Syrians from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

In the meeting which took place in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon, Velayati said “fortunately, in Syria, different tribes, including Arabs and Kurds, and followers of various religions, are fighting alongside each other against the aggressors and have made great victories so far.”

Stating that the key factor in the victory of the Syrian noble nation is the national unity that exists among the tribes and religions of the country, the Iranian Leader’s adviser added “even Christians have joined the Syria’s struggle [for freedom].”

Velayati concluded “our Kurdish brothers in Syria have proven to the United States and the Zionist regime that they will never allow them to enter the important West Asian country.”

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