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‘US, UK, France arms sales behind Saudi war crimes in Yemen’

An academic says the arms sales by the US, UK and France to Saudi Arabia is the main reason behind the war crimes committed by the kingdom against its southern impoverished neighbor.

“There are many movements at the moment, they are trying to bring pressure onto governments in the US, in the UK, in France to hold arms sales to Saudi Arabia because these arms sales are the cause of these atrocities and if the Saudis were under some kind of control from the Americans and the UK funders and justifiers of this terrible war, then there could be a different situation,” Kenneth Fero, lecturer at Coventry University told Press TV in an interview on Saturday.

“Three years of war, several thousand women and children killed and the question is who is going to step in to stop this continuing. I think more public pressure, more pressure in the West for people to actually take on their governments and say you have to stop intervening in the situation in Yemen because it is creating deaths every day,” he added.

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