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US steals hundreds of tons of oil from Syria’s al-Jazeera

‘A convoy comprising 40 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil headed, via the illegitimate al-Mahmudiya border crossing, towards the occupation bases in Iraq’, local sources said.

The US occupation forces in collaboration with QSD militia plunder the Syrian wealth and important crops such as oil, wheat, and barley crops, deprive the people of them on one hand, and harass the people to make their children join the ranks of the separatist militia on the other hand, SANA reported.

The US military has for long stationed its forces and equipment in northeastern Syria, with the Pentagon claiming that the deployment is aimed at preventing the oilfields in the area from falling into the hands of ISIL terrorists.

Damascus, however, maintains the deployment is meant to plunder the country’s natural resources. Former US president Donald Trump admitted on several occasions that American forces were in the Arab country for its oil wealth.

Several countries, including Russia and China, have condemned US actions in plundering the Syrian resources and have called on Washington to stop its continued looting of the war-torn country’s natural resources.


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