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US not loyal even to its own signature: Iran top cmdr


The United States by unilaterally leaving the July 2015 nuclear deal proved that it is not faithful even to its own signature, top Iranian military commander announced here on Wednesday.

‘The Iran Deal was not favorable for our country, but we accepted it in order to give the world an ultimatum,’ Major General Mohammad Baqeri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said in a national gathering.

US President Donald Trump announced his decision about the Iran Deal on May 8 and withdrew his country unilaterally from the international agreement. Many world powers including Russia, China, and European Union are against Trump’s decision.

According to General Baqeri, the young and unwise Saudi ruler has accompanied US and has told the Americans that his country is ready to pay the expense of a US military operation against Iran, ‘However, they don’t dare to do so.’

Undoubtedly, Iran’s defense power is capable enough to stand against the aggressors, the commander said.

The US military officials have told Trump that a strike against Iran will cost their country a lot, Baqeri said, adding ‘We tell the Iranian officials that they can make efforts with no fear of any threat to develop the country.’

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