Enemies of Syria

‘US, ISIL terrorists ‘share same interests’: International lawyer

ISIL1The United States government shares the same interests with the militants from the ISIL Takfri group which the US helped to create, an international lawyer in Indonesia says.
ISIL “is just another new brand, a new flag hoisted by the very same loose band of forces which the United States and its special allies in the region helped create, train and arm, said Barry Grossman.
The ISIL forces seem to share at least 4 points of common interest with the United States,” Grossman told Press TV on Sunday.
The notorious insurgent group has been wreaking havoc in Syria and recently in Iraq.
Grossman said those shared interests include changing the governments in Syria and Iraq, redrawing the map of the region and setting up a zone controlled by forces hostile to Iran.
US President Barack Obama has downplayed the threat posed to the US by ISIL, saying the US has been under “serious threat” throughout his entire presidency.
On Thursday, the Pentagon said that 500 US military forces were in Baghdad while Obama had authorized the deployment of 300 “military advisers” to Iraq.
“I’m not at all convinced as an outsider that Iraq stands to gain anything from having further significant US involvement on the ground,” Grossman noted.

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