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US gestures will have no impact on nuclear issue: Speaker


Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani lambasted US President Donald Trump’s recent threats against the Iranian nation, saying that Washington’s gestures and maneuvers will not affect the nuclear issue as well as other affairs.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the 35th Holy Qur’an International Competitions, he added that Qur’anic society does not rely on anything but Allah and does not fear of anybody.

Referring to the approaching anniversary of US defeat in Tabas Desert, he said, “It was a great disgrace to the country and Mr. Carter.”

Larijani also slammed Trump’s recent threats against the Iranian nation, saying that the narcissist US president has threatened Iran but he should know that the nation will not shift its path with these threats.

It is an imagination that the Americans with these disgraceful gestures could affect a nation which has relied on Holy Qur’an, he said.

“It is an honor for us that our Constitution has stressed supporting the oppressed and we support the Palestinian and Yemeni nations because they have been oppressed,” Larijani said.
The official also said that the irresolute countries seeking to forge ties with Israel will not have a good future, noting that certain leaders of Muslim Arab states have done things that triggered brazen acts of the enemies of Islam.

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