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US Forces Were Shot into Pieces as They Went into Gaza: Retired US Col.

Retired US colonel offered a very pessimistic assessment of what could happen if the US becomes directly involved in the Israeli war on Gaza.

Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor told US talk show host Tucker Carlson on Monday that an confrontation near Gaza has already occurred “in the last 24 hours or so.”

“In the last 24 hours or so, some of our Special Ops forces and Israeli Special Ops forces went into Gaza to reconnoiter, to plan for where they might want to go to free hostages and make an impact, and they were shot to pieces and took heavy losses, as I understand it,” Macgregor told Carlson on Twitter/X.

“And once we are a co-belligerent, we enter this thing, it is going to be very difficult for Russia and Turkey not to also come into this fight against us because they will not tolerate the sort of collective punishment that Israel plans for Gaza.”

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