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US-Backed Terrorists on Alert after Unknown Raiders Attacks in Northeastern Syria


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) kept fighters on alert after their base in a village in Raqqa province was set on fire by unknown assailants on Friday.

The US-backed militias went on alert after one of their bases in the village of al-Humam came under attack by unidentified raiders.

The attackers set fire at the SDF base.

The SDF has placed its forces in positions around the village.

The SDF’s measures, including forced recruitment, suppressing civilians and looting people’s assets, have enraged residents in Raqqa province, leading to frequent public protests throughout Northeastern Syria.

On Wednesday, Abu Jasim, a senior commander within the ranks of the US-backed Kurdish militia, was killed in a bomb blast in Raqqa city.

In the meantime, another Kurdish militia was killed by unknown raiders near the village of Arbid in Northern Raqqa.

Media activists, meantime, reported that the Kurdish forces in the town of Tabaqa in Western Raqqa released Abu Ala al-Sham, a former notorious commander of ISIL terrorists who once was in charge with ISIL’s Zakat (religious tax) Council.

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