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US and west’s unlimited support for Israel the main reason behind its barbaric aggression on Gaza_ Ambassador Aala

Cairo, SANA- Ongoing brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza would not have continued without the unlimited support of the United States and its Western allies for Israel to achieve its goals, said Ambassador Hussam Edin Aala, Permanent Representative of Syria to the League of Arab States and Chief of Diplomatic Mission in Cairo.

Speaking before the 113th regular session of Arab League’s Economic, Social Council Meeting at the ministerial level, held in Cairo, Aala noted “The meetings of the current session coincide with the continuation of the genocidal war Israeli entity has been waging for 132 days against the Palestinians in Gaza and throughout the occupied Palestinian territory with daily deliberate massacres that exceed in brutality the worst forms of war crimes, amid international failure to deter them”.

Aala went on to say: The Israeli goal of displacement of Palestinians, which was in planning phase, are moving to the implementation one, and the statements by the officials of the occupation entity about launching a ground military attack on Rafah in parallel with escalating its daily crimes against the Palestinians in the West Bank, not to mention expanding the scope of its attacks on Syrian and Lebanese lands, threaten to drag the region into an open regional war.

The decision of the US and its Western allies to stop funding UNRWA, which constitutes the lifeline for the Palestinians in its five areas of operations inside and outside the occupied Palestinian territory, and to work to end its role associated with ensuring the right of the Palestinian people to return, comes within the framework of the organic partnership between such states and the occupying entity, Aala stressed.

“Syria welcomes the Council’s adoption of a resolution on preparing an emergency response plan to deal with the negative economic and social repercussions of the Israeli aggression against the State of Palestine along with supporting the steadfastness and resistance of its people”, the ambassador Aala underlined.

With the approaching of the 5th Arab Development Summit in Mauritania, Syria looks forward to strengthening the role of joint Arab action mechanisms in supporting efforts to overcome the obstacles that hinder development work in Arab countries and especially those going through difficult economic conditions, Aala noted, adding “In this field, Syria also looks forward to an active Arab role that contributes to lifting the illegal unilateral coercive measures imposed by the US and its Western allies on the Syrian people, which undermine Syria’s efforts for economic recovery and reconstruction.

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