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Anti-War Protests Hit US, UK: ‘Get your Bloody Hands off Syria!’



People in several cities of the US and the UK, which together with France launched airstrikes on Syria following the alleged chemical attack in Douma, join anti-imperialism and anti-war rallies demanding “US out of Syria”; more are planned.

On the day after the joint attack on alleged chemical weapons facilities in Syria, anti-war protesters gathered in New York City’ Union Square to call on the world to “defend Syria and defeat US imperialism.” The posters read “US out of Syria and the near East” and “No War on Syria” and “US/NATO Get Your Bloody Hands Off Syria.”

One protester, Eva Sahanna, told Iran’s Press TV “The United States has no right to send these airstrikes over to Syria and its allies have no right to do so either. There isn’t evidence that (Syrian President Bashar al-) Assad used chemical weapons.”

Scores demonstrated in front of the White House in Washington, DC with banners, demanding “Stop racism and the war machine at home and abroad.”

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