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US airman outside White House ‘refuses to eat while Gaza starves’

A 26-year-old airman, currently on leave from his overseas duty station, has initiated a hunger strike outside the White House in protest against the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Inspired by Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old active-duty member of the United States Air Force who tragically set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., in protest against the US-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza, Senior Airman Larry Hebert, an integrated avionics journeyman from New Hampshire stationed at Naval Station Rota in Spain, commenced his hunger strike at midnight on April 1.

In an interview for Military.com, Hebert, who has served for six years, expressed his intent to sustain the hunger strike, consuming only water and a juice supplement, for as long as he physically can.

“I don’t have a stop or an end for it right now,” Hebert said during the phone interview. “I’m going to go until my body cannot go any longer or we get the cease-fire and the end of unconditional aid to Israel.”

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