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‘Unity should be given consummate attention’


“Divine religion of Islam teaches us to like our brothers, given that the necessity of unity in the World of Islam should be given consummate attention,” President of Al-Ressalah in Tanzania, Shiekh Mohammad Eid Mohammad told Taqrib News Agency (TNA), in an exclusive interview, stressing people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

“Unity and proximity is of wayd can be resorted for putting an end to the current plagued milieus stem in Takfiris moves,” highlighted the religious cleric stressing Muslims should give their full attentions to this need and necessity.

“Unity should be given full attention for counteracting Takfiri willful measures,” underscored President of Al-Ressalah in Tanzania urging Muslims from all Islamic denominations and sect to fight for peace and against extremists in the World of Islam.

“Holy book of Quran and Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) always placed emphasis on the necessity of solidarity and rapprocahment among Muslims nations which can bring in turn gains for Muslims and pave ways for finishing off the enemies of Islam,” Shiekh Mohammad Eid Mohammad mentioned lecturing those taking steps in disuniting Muslims.

Beckoned to this very fact that Takfiri groups are bent on tarnishing the name of Islam and projecting a noisome picture of Muslims, the religious cleric called on Muslims, Islamic thinkers, elites and scholars to be much more vigilant of the hatched plots concocted by enemeis.

In his line, uprooting Takfiri and extrimist groups is a necessity and humane obligation upon each one of Muslims and the sole way to this very end is promoting unity, solidarity and proximity in the World of Islam and among Muslim nations.

President of Al-Ressalah in Tanzania went on to detailed his views on the divine religion of Islam and its unique features stressing, “Islam is the religion of kindness, Love, compassion and moderation and Muslims can reach salvation, provided they stay in this very right track.”

Shiekh Mohammad Eid Mohammad demanded all Muslims to try their utmost for keeping unity and rapprochement, with rapturous devotion to their religious duty, inasmuch as the onus is on each of us to take step for furthering unity.

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