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Unconfirmed Reports: Al-Nusra Front Leader Julani Captured by Hezbollah



Al-Nusra Front leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani has been captured by Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, unconfirmed reports said Tuesday.

The news reports on al-Julani’s captivity by Hezbollah comes while no authority in Lebanon or Syria has confirmed the report yet.

There is a very heavy traffic on the Twitter pages of tens of supporters of Hezbollah on the capture of al-Julani by Hezbollah.

The report comes as some sources claimed on Sunday that Hezbollah is trying to negotiate with Al-Nusra Front on swap of prisoners of war.

On Thursday, the Lebanese Army carried out a new assault against the Syrian Al-Qaeda group, al-Nusra Front, in the Lebanese Arsal region near Syrian border on Thursday, killing a large number of terrorists during the operation.

According to a Lebanese Army statement, the operation was concentrated on al-Nusra Front’s positions near the Jaroud-Rankous crossing on Lebanese- Syrian border, Al Masdar reported.

The Lebanese Army has recently stepped up its military operations along the Syrian border crossing as part of the army’s new move to halt the spread of militants and weapons into Lebanon, and according to local officials the attempts have proved as effective and produced successful results.

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