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UK defense secretary pushing to bomb ISIL positions in Syria

The British defense secretary Michael Fallon has said that MP’s should consider allowing Britain to attack ISIL targets in Syria.

Fallon called the British strategy not to bomb the Arab country “illogical” The comments will be seen as the strongest indicator yet that the new government wants to expand its military bombing campaign from neighboring Iraq to Syria.

A number of Britons joined ISIL terrorists in Syria, Iraq
Following the Tunisia attacks, Prime Minister David Cameron said he wants a “full spectrum” response to ISIL.

But the British parliament has been reluctant to back any attacks on Syria. In 2013, they voted against military action in Syria. Last year, the government decided not to ask for approval again, amid Labour party’s objections, although they did get a parliamentary mandate to carry out attacks in Iraq.

With a new Tory government and a new parliament, Cameron is keen to garner enough support to push a new vote at the Commons.

Britain’s defense minister raises the possibility that UK could start bombing Syria
The defense secretary’s comments are seen to echo that. Fallon said: “We’ve always been clear that ISIL has to be defeated in both Syria and Iraq. We have plenty to do in Iraq. Each member of the coalition is doing different things. ISIL is organized and directed and administered from Syria. There is an illogicality about not being able to do it…It is a new parliament and MPs will want to think very carefully about how we best deal with ISIL”

David Cameron is due to cement this government line when he will outline his response to the Isis at home and abroad within the next two weeks.

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