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‘U.S cannot be trusted regarding JCPOA’


Ayatollah Hasan Alemi, the member of the Assembly of Experts, told Rasa, “the most striking thing in the process of the JCPOA is that we must be vigilant as the enemies are not truthful.”

He added that the enemies cannot be trusted and they have proved time and again and Iran must be vigilant not to put excuses in the enemies’ hands, allow itself to be deceived or fall to their tricks. “This is the greatest experience that should be taken from the JCPOA,” he said.

His Eminence added some individuals had issued statements that there will be some changes in the foreign exchange market and we will benefit from the JCPOA in this regard. “Not only have none of these cases been achieved but rather, the uncertain fate of the JCPOA process has many the country’s economic experts concerned for the future,” he said.

The Iranian scholar referred to the strategy for creating economic prosperity and solving the problems facing Iran, saying: “Our advice to the authorities is that more than anything else, they should rely on the internal capabilities of the country and on those who are concerned for the country’s Islamic system of government.”

Ayatollah Alemi stressed that the government should not rely on those certain people from a particular movement who have a specific viewpoint or analysis because they will definitely suffer from such reliance.

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