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Two Senior Terrorists Commanders Assassinated in Douma amid Severe Tension among Terrorists



Two notorious commanders of Jeish al-Islam were assassinated by unknown raiders in the town of Douma after tensions started among the militants over a final decision to stay or retreat from their main Damascus bastion, field sources in Eastern Ghouta reported on Tuesday.

The sources said that Jeish al-Islam’s Administrative Head Abu Ali al-Ajwah and Jeish al-Islam’s Financial Head Abu Omar al-Ajwah were gunned down by unknown attackers in Douma, adding that assassination of Jeish al-Islam members, specially those who know the group’s secrets has increased in Douma.

They went on to say that a large number of militants have defected Jeish al-Islam after it joined a peace agreement with the Syrian Army to withdraw from Douma, adding that a number of militants, meantime, have called for relocation to Idlib, some for Jarabulus in Northern Hama and some for the region under the Ankara-led Euphrates Shield forces’ control.

Field sources said Sunday Jeish al-Islam militants reached a Russia-mediated agreement with the Syrian Army troops on handing over the key town of Douma.

The sources said that based on the agreement some of Jeish al-Islam militants from Douma will be evacuated to the town of Jarabulus (under the control of the Turkish-backed militants) in Northeastern Aleppo while other fighters would reconcile with the Syrian government.

Russian military police were poised to soon enter Douma where they would establish evacuation corridors, monitor the militants’ withdrawal and host temporary humanitarian infrastructures.

Furthermore, Jeish al-Islam is to hand over all hostages (civilians and troops) to the Syrian Army as well as the corpses of fallen government ranks.

While it is unknown whether or not the Syrian Army will enter Douma anytime soon, all government institutions once housed in the town are to be immediately reinstated; civil servants are to return to their jobs at these places.

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