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Two ISIL Bases in Deir Ezzur Destroyed by Syrian Army


The Syrian army and its allies’ attacks in Deir Ezzur smashed two bases of the ISIL terrorists and killed and wounded tens of them.
A field source said that the army units targeted the ISIL gathering centers and hideouts in al-Jafrah village and blew up their base. They also killed and wounded dozens of militants in Hawijah al-Sakar region.

The source added that the army’s precision attack against an ISIL base in al-Arafi region in Deir Ezzur city destroyed the base and a military vehicle in al-Jabila district used for building fortresses.

Also, according to a field source, Russian fighter jets stormed the Thayyem Valley and killed several Takfiri terrorists.
In addition to their airstrikes at the Thayyem Valley, the Russian warplanes pounded an ISIL gathering near the Panorama Roundabout, destroying a large number of vehicles belonging to the terrorist group.

Also earlier today, the Russian warplanes struck ISIL’s defense lines near al-Thardah mountain and defused their possible attacks on the government forces’ positions after inflicting large casualties on the terrorists.

“ISIL was preparing to attack the army’s positions at the Southwestern side of al-Thardah mountain, but the Russian fighter jets bombed them in Thayyem valley and killed several terrorists before they could reach their intended destination,” sources said.

“In addition to their airstrikes at Thayyem valley, the Russian Air Force pounded ISIL’s gatherings near the Panorama Roundabout, destroying a large number of enemy vehicles before retiring to the T-4 Military Airport in Eastern Homs,” the sources added.

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