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Turkish occupation continues its crime of depriving Hasaka city and countryside from drinking water

Hasaka, SANA- For the fourth month in a row, the Turkish occupation cuts off the drinking water from Hasaka city leaving the locals amid large suffering to secure drinking water and  water for domestic uses, despite all governmental, civil and charitable measures to alleviate the suffering of the locals.

The suffering of the locals in Hasaka continues due to the Turkish occupation’s insistence to deprive more than a million of people from the drinking water in Hasaka city and the residential clusters extending along the waterline from Allouk to al-Hammeh area through Tall Tamer area.

Citizens of Ghweran neighborhood in the city of Hasaka told SANA that “cutting the water from a million of people is a crime against humanity”, calling the UN bodies to interfere find a solution as there is no alternative source except Allouk Station.
The citizens in Hasaka stressed that this situation has strained the people under the current circumstances and high temperature.

The governmental procedures to deliver and transport the clean drinking water through tanks by the NGOs, civil organizations and private initiatives continues, in light of, the occupations continued insistence to cut off the water from the citizens in Hasaka.

Hasaka Deputy Governor Hassan Al-Shamhood told SANA in a statement that “a drop of water” initiative continues, in cooperation with the social affairs department and Hasaka city council, to run 6 large-size tanks of water for the locals, in addition to other initiatives by the official department in the province.

For his part, Director General of Water Department in Hasaka, Eng. Mahmoud Okla, said that the procedures to secure drinking water for the citizens of Hasaka city through the desalination plants, that were installed previously, which reaches to 20 plants, among them 16 in the center of Hasaka City and 4 others in the neighborhoods, continues.

Eng. Okla said that the only solution to ease the suffering of the people is to allow the workers of the Drinking Water to enter Allouk Station and make the maintenance and operational works, calling on the international community and the Human rights bodies to stop this heinous crime against a million of people.

Hala Zain

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