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Turkish Army, Terrorist Allies Enter Key Town in Northern Syria



Sources within the Turkish army ranks disclosed on Wednesday that the country’s soldiers and their militant allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have entered the town of al-Bab, imposing further defeats on ISIL.

As field sources had previously said that the ISIL intended to hand over al-Bab to the Euphrates Shield Forces, including FSA, and push towards Manbij and capture it.

Now military sources reported that the Turkish army men and FSA militants have moved through the gates of al-Bab Northeast of Aleppo province.

The Turkish Armed Forces said on Wednesday that four Turkish servicemen were killed while 15 were injured in the clashes with ISIL in the city of al-Bab in Northern Syria.

The Turkish army announced earlier today that the FSA and Turkish army troops seized control of a key road connecting Aleppo city to al-Bab town after hours of clashes with the ISIL.

The army announced in a statement that the forces of the Euphrates Shield managed to take control of Aleppo-Al-Bab road after they could advance against ISIL in the nearby silos and captured Jabal Aqil heights.

The statement added that four Turkish soldiers and a fighter of FSA were killed in the clashes with the ISIL over the key road.

Turkish warplanes bombed several times the Syrian territories in al-Bab under the pretext of hitting ISIL’s positions.

The Turkish Army General Staff announced earlier this week that an army soldier was killed and nine more were wounded in explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle near al-Bab.

The number of Turkish army’s casualties have reached 20 since start of is Euphrates Shield.

Clashes are still underway between ISIL and FSA fighter inside and in surroundings of al-Bab.

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