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Turkish Army Bombardments Kill at least 10 Civilians in Syria’s Azaz City

Turkish Army Bombardments Kill at least 10 Civilians in Syria’s Azaz City


At least ten civilians were killed and others wounded after the Turkish army and allied rebels bombed the countryside of Azaz in Syria’s northern Aleppo province, activists and eyewitnesses reported on Monday.

The Turkish army and rebel fighters of the Euphrates Shield hit the town of Dwebik in Azaz District with heavy artillery.

The targeted town and other areas in Azaz District are held by the ISIS militants.

Turkey’s military said in a statement that its forces supported the Euphrates Shield rebels in bombing ISIS headquarters in the area. However, local sources said that most of the casualties were civilians.

“The Turkish shelling hit a populated neighborhood in Dwebik, killing 11 civilians and injuring 15 others,” local media activist Alwan al-Halabi said.

The bombardment also caused a mass destruction to residential buildings in the town.

“Local rescue teams are still searching for victims under the ruble,” Dr. Hassan Othman, a member of the medical team in Dwebik said.

“Some of the injured who have been pulled from under the ruins were seriously injured. We appeal to the United Nations and NGOs to provide assistance. A medical support is urgently needed,” Dr. Othman said.

Ahmed Arraj, a member of the Syrian Democratic Coalition in Afrin said that Turkey and allied terrorists groups have been “purposively bombing civilians”.

“We all know that Turkey has a broad network of informers in the region, especially in ISIS-held areas. Thus, it’s not possible that they haven’t known about the presence of dozens of civilians in the targeted neighborhood. There have been no injuries in ISIS’ ranks. All casualties were civilians,” Arraj said, ARA News reported.




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