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Turkey summons Danish, Dutch diplomats over Qur’an sacrilege

The repetitive desecration of the holy Qur’an in Sweden and Denmark has sparked outrage and condemnation among Muslims and freedom-seekers around the world.

Turkey’s foreign ministry summoned the Danish charge d’affaires and a Dutch diplomat over Qur’an burnings, state-owned broadcaster TRT Haber said on Monday, according to Reuters.

prompting outrage in the Muslim world and demands that the Nordic governments ban such acts, Reuters reported citing state-owned broadcaster TRT Haber as saying on Monday.

Turkey has repeatedly condemned such protests in recent months, including those in Sweden, which is awaiting Ankara’s approval to join NATO.

Iran’s foreign ministry also summoned Sweden and Denmark’s charge d’affaires in Tehran separately in protest against the repetition of desecration of the Holy Qur’an in those European countries on Sunday.

The top Iranian diplomat Hossin Amir-ABdollahian who was hosting his Malaysian counterpart in Tehran on Monday warned those two European states that the Islamic nations could consider banning the purchase of their products if they fail to take action against those sinister actions.

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