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Turkey playing double game over ISIL


Turkey plays a double game over ISIL, planning to enter northern Syria to topple the Syrian regime, says an analyst.

“Certainly ,Turkey has a double game going on here …. Erdogan says this is what we have to do, go in there (Syria), we are going to fight ISIL, we need to go in there and take over all of northern Syria … So his whole game is to get (President Bashar) al-Assad out,” Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today from Atlanta, said in an interview with Press TV.

Turkey continues to block the supply of military equipment and reinforcements for Kurdish fighters defending the border city of Kobani in northern Syria against the ISIL militants.

Ankara has also prevented Turkish Kurds from crossing the border into Kobani to join the Kurds in the besieged city fighting tooth and nail against the Takfiri ISIL terrorists.

The move comes as the ISIL terrorists have added further reinforcements to their ranks in an effort to break the resistance of Kurdish fighters defending Kobani for nearly a month.

“The United States has its own double game going on here because it is militarily inconceivable that the ISIL people could keep bringing up reinforcements and supplies to continue this attack –because the US could stop it if … [the country] wanted to,” the analyst added with regard to the US role in confronting the ISIL terrorist group.

The US says it is striking ISIL positions in both Iraq and Syria, but there is skepticism on both sides of the border about the real objective of the airstrikes.

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