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Turkey Allows 1,000 Terrorists to Cross Border into Syria’s Idlib


The Turkish authorities have permitted hundreds of terrorists to cross the border into Syria’s Northwestern province of Idlib to join other terrorists in Aleppo, media reports said.
Over 1,000 fully-equipped terrorists have arrived in Idlib province to join Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in Aleppo province as the Turkish border guards have closed their eyes to the border crossings by the terrorists, the Arabic-language al-Watan newspapers reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, a majority of the terrorists have arrived from foreign, specially Arab, states.

It quoted informed sources as saying that the terrorists cross the border at Bab al-Salameh and Bab al-Hawa into Northern Idlib at nights.

The refreshments come as Jeish al-Fatah terrorists acknowledged that they have lost the cement factory in the Southern countryside of the city of Aleppo and are moving back from the region.

The Syrian army has recaptured vast areas in the Southern countryside of Aleppo City, Jeish al-Fatah terrorists confirmed.

Hundreds of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists launched heavy attacks against the Syrian army’s positions on Sunday evening.

On Monday, dissident sources disclosed that the Jeish al-Fatah commanders had ordered their coordinators not to reveal the real number of the casualties in the battles in the Southern part of Aleppo province in order to prevent the terrorists from losing their morale.

The order by Jeish al-Fatah commanders comes after thousands of young terrorists were killed in Aleppo battlefield, the Arabic-language media quoted sources close to Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group as saying.

On August 3, Jeish al-Fatah gathered over 9,000 terrorists to prevail over the Syrian Army positions and open a way into the militant-held districts in the Eastern parts of Aleppo city but failed and pulled its forces back after sustaining scores of casualties.

Jeish al-Fatah suffered a heavy death toll after its forces failed to break through the army strongholds in New Aleppo district.

Jeish al-Fatah also stormed government defense lines in al-Hamdaniyeh and box-making plant in the Western side of Aleppo and al-Ramousiyeh Southwest of the city.

Most of the Jeish al-Fatah terrorists killed in Aleppo were young militants who had undergone military training for only three weeks. Jeish al-Fatah has brainwashed the young people to join the terrorist group, Ahrar al-Sham said.

Syrian and Russian military officials have declared that the terrorists have so far sustained, at least, 5,000 casualties in the last two weeks.

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