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Tubas Resistance Fighters Successfully Repel Zionist Occupation Forces Invasion

Early Wednesday morning, Israeli occupation forces launched raids on the city of Tubas in the West Bank, as well as several other towns. However, the resistance fighters in Tubas fought back by setting off an improvised explosive device that targeted a military-grade bulldozer, causing extensive damage to the city’s infrastructure.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Tubas Brigade, known as al-Quds Brigades, released a statement claiming responsibility for leading fierce confrontations with the invading Israeli occupation forces. The fighters used assault rifles and locally produced IEDs to engage the occupation forces on multiple fronts in the city.


⚡Documentation of the moment an #Isreali bulldozer in #Tubas was targeted by the fighters of Al-Quds Brigade – Tubas Brigade with an explosive device.#WestBank pic.twitter.com/atJAVVGH9T

— Resistance4news (@resistance4news) April 17, 2024


The Tubas Brigade emphasized that their actions were in line with the ongoing battle of Al-Aqsa Flood. They boasted of successfully detonating IEDs in various locations, including near the al-Ahmadain roundabout. The resistance fighters also ambushed Israeli occupation forces at the Tamoun intersection as they retreated from Tubas after intense clashes.


No Hamas in the West Bank….

Just violent fanatical settlers with full backing of the IDF

An example of the daily injustice Palestinians face due to Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

In these videos, youth Israeli settlers, emboldened by Israeli occupation forces, are seen… pic.twitter.com/FBCkRPFVMZ

— DrKaiaRaeSakri (@DrSakriKaia) April 16, 2024


Elsewhere in the West Bank, Israeli occupation forces raided towns like Bani Naim in al-Khalil, where they demolished the homes of Palestinian detainees accused of carrying out a deadly operation in Ra’anana near Tel Aviv. Clashes also erupted in Beit Ummar, Nablus, Tulkarm, and Beit Lahm as Israeli forces conducted widespread raids and detained numerous Palestinian youths.


The Israeli demolishes Palestinian homes in the West Bank pic.twitter.com/2erU4I1FXq

— S p r i n t e r F a c t o r y (@Sprinterfactory) April 17, 2024


Additionally, armed Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles in Ain Abus near Huwara under the protection of occupation forces.


⚡️⚡️Image | A settler wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Let’s burn their villages”; To call for attacks on #Palestinian villages in the West Bank. pic.twitter.com/hsnOJgaNux

— Middle East Observer (@ME_Observer_) April 16, 2024

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