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Trump is showing evidence of destructive policy: British scholar


US President Donald Trump is showing evidence of a destructive policy and of aggressive policy, a British political analyst and academic in London says.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare, a London-based university professor and political analyst, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday while discussing President Trump’s controversial policies.

He said that President Trump “has precipitated a global tariff trade war which is getting worse. He is pushing the military against China in the South China Sea. He is maintaining one thousand military bases and claiming that Russia and China are aggressive when Russia I think has only one or maybe two military bases and China only has one or two.”

“He had smashed the nuclear agreement with Iran. And he is making that worse because he is now saying that it’s not just companies but any country whose members will trade with Iran that he will put the sanctions against the company,” the analyst said.

“He’s supporting Saudi Arabia in its slaughter in Yemen. He is massively supporting the expansion of the Zionist entity Israel into the land of others,” he added. “On the top of that he does not have any serious plans for solving the problems of the Rust Belt America.”

The commentator said Trump “is a narcissist clown with a bomb in his hands. And that is why the people of the UK seeing this destruction, seeing that Trump at the end of day is not going to help anybody not even the American people are coming out to protest.”

“Around about July 13th there is going to be a demonstration in London against Trump’s visit. But it is highly likely to be a massive demonstration. That man is dangerous. He is dangerous to the UK. He is dangerous to Europe. He is dangerous to his own country and he is dangerous to the world,” he noted.

“So don’t be surprised if people come out solidly and say we had had enough and by their protests they are at least saying that they do not support going along with his type of policies,” he said.

“There are you then. Big protests coming in London, and the mayor Sheffield is doing his part by refusing to have Trump in his city. And the people of the UK are also going to protest are also going to protest in a big way,” the scholar concluded.

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