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Truce in Syria should not reinforce terrorists


Iran’s defense minister, while underlining continuation of fight against Takfiri groups until establishment of stability and security in region, said acceptable ceasefire in Syria is the one that doesn’t support terrorists.

Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan, who was speaking at the trilateral meeting of Iran, Russia and Syria defense ministers on fighting terrorism on Thursday, noted the chaotic condition of the region “which has roots in expansionist and interventionist policies of the US, Israeli regime and some regional states who support terrorism.”
“Iran as an anchor of stability and security in the region and as one of the greatest victims of the terrorism has always been fighting seriously against terrorism, invasion and intervention and today considers the fight against Takfiri, extremist and Zionist streams in regional and international level as a humane duty,” asserted Dehghan.
Given the crisis in Syria, Iranian minister underlined that Islamic Republic of Iran has always followed a political resolution for Syria with a focus on negotiations and Syrian-Syrian talks, adding, “Iran is for a guaranteed truce in Syria that doesn’t help terrorists to get more powerful.”
Brigadier General Dehghan emphasized that Iran believes the possible resolution to settle down Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni crises is to fight strictly against terrorism and to cut all the political and financial support for the terrorist groups at one hand, and to establish a peaceful and secure atmosphere for the affected nations to decide upon their political fate, at another. He added “inclusive ceasefire, possibility of humanitarian aid, halting the support for terrorists and militarily fighting the terrorism are main principles and preliminary steps to restore stability and security in the region.”
“Justifying the US, Saudi Arabia and some other countries’ support for terrorism under the pretext of “moderate opposition” proves the falsehood of anti-terrorist claims of dominant and aggressive states,” asserted Dehghan pointing to immoral nature of terrorist and Takfiri groups.
The minister underlined that today the human rights pretenders have turned a blind eye to the most violent and vicious crimes of terrorists and invaders in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, saying, “using chemical weapons by ISIL and the possibility of accessing nuclear weapons by this terrorist group, which has been warned also by Western think tanks, is a devastating disaster for global security.”
Strongly condemning the collusion of Zionist and Saudi regimes in supporting terrorism General Dehghan stated “such a cooperation with enemy of Muslims and humans, the Israeli regime, would have dangerous consequences for Saudi leaders; Muslim nations of the region and world would not tolerate such a strategic fault.”
“We urge all Syrian groups and streams to act rationally and apply peaceful approaches in direction of Syrian nation’s will and negotiate with Syrian government and move towards establishing peace and security and uprooting terrorism,” said Dehgan.
The minister, underlining the need to act sincerely, immediately, inclusively and cohesively against terrorism, said “the Tehran trilateral meeting also follows the same aim.”
Dehghan also extended his gratitude to Russian and Syrian ministers of defense for attending the session and expressed hope that consultation, cooperation and strategic decision-making could help demolish the conspiracy that has targeted security, territorial integration, sovereignty and unity of the regional states, evacuate terrorism and re-establish tranquility and security for people of the region.
Defense ministers Sergey Shoygu and Fahd Jassem al-Freij, for their parts, extended their thanks to Islamic Republic of Iran for hosting the meeting and discussed the possible ways to reinforce and spread the fight against terrorism and stressed the necessity of being more grave and consistent in face of the horrible phenomenon.

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