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Top Commander: Iran’s Air Defense Force Has ‘Absolute Power’ in Region

The Iranian Army's Air Defense Force Commander has declared that his forces are "unrivalled" in the area, citing their self-sufficiency in producing military equipment and their ability to export them.

Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi-Fard praised the remarkable technological advancements in Iran’s air defense, noting that “The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force is the most powerful air defense system in the region, and this is an undeniable truth.”

He stated to Iran’s Al-Alam News Network on Wednesday that the equipment currently in use for the country’s air defense is entirely homegrown and is the most advanced and cutting-edge in terms of global technology.

We are independent and self-sufficient in the areas of detection, identification, engaging systems, information technology, and communication technology for air defense equipment, and we do not require any outside assistance.

Sabahi-Fard stated that all of Iran’s air defense systems are “homegrown” since they are constructed by Iranian youth.

He stated that there was previously very limited air defense equipment and it was completely reliant on outside sources. However, due to the advancements in technology and expertise in the field, we have now reached a point where we can manufacture our own air defense equipment and even export it.

The general declared that the most up-to-date equipment has been deployed in the aerial defense region spanning the nation’s southeast, including the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman, and the islands.

He emphasized that sanctions have not been successful in preventing Iran’s Armed Forces from making advancements in the equipment they use.

A devastating counterattack will be the consequence if Israel launches any assaults.

Referring to the threats posed by the Israeli government against Iran, Sabahi-Fard cautioned that Iranian missiles are prepared to target the center of the occupying power or any nation that has any ambitions concerning Iran’s airspace.

He warned that the Israelis “should not even entertain the thought of invading and attacking the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for if they do, they will be met with a devastating reaction that will make them regret it.”

In an interview, Sabahi-Fard asserted that Iran’s sky is “the safest” in comparison to those of its neighboring states, and that this is a fact that is recognized by other countries too.

In recent years, Iranian military experts and engineers have achieved remarkable successes in producing a wide selection of homegrown equipment, enabling the armed forces to be self-sufficient.

Iranian authorities have emphasized that they will not hesitate to bolster their military capabilities, including their missile power, which are strictly for defensive purposes, and that their defensive capabilities will never be up for discussion.

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