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Thousands trapped in Yarmouk refugee camp as fighting continues

The untold story of Yarmouk camp. The civilians are escaping the horrors of ISIL. Palestinian refugees used to live in the war-battered camp till the radical groups decided to infiltrate into the camp to prevent other insurgent factions from signing an agreement with the Syria government.

Out of the 18 thousand civilians inside the camp , only two thousand managed to leave. But the families are still worried about the fate of those left behind.

The Syrian government received thousands of families in makeshift centers in schools of the area. The government is trying to help the people out to pave the way for any future military operation in the camp.

As more families leave the camp, early estimates show that over two thousand civilians escaped the camp while many more are still trapped inside.

This is Al-Yarmouk camp south of the Syria capital Damascus , the intensity of the clashes is visible everywhere here . We have accompanied the Syrian army who managed to make some gains inside the camp and raise the Syrian flag inside. But the battle is still long after militants from ISIL infiltrated the camp and fortified their positions there.

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