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Thousands Gather in Commemoration of Palestinians Killed by Zionist Military

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in the Gaza Strip to commemorate the martyrs who lost their lives in the recent Israeli campaign of terror in the region, and vowed to continue their fight against the occupying forces.

On Friday, a demonstration was held in Gaza City to commemorate the more than 30 Palestinians who lost their lives in the relentless airstrikes inflicted by the regime on the Palestinian territory earlier this month.

On May 9, the Tel Aviv government initiated a campaign of violent airstrikes, which provoked the Islamic Jihad, a Gaza-based resistance organization, to retaliate with more than 1,000 rockets directed at the occupied territories.

The 2021 war imposed by Tel Aviv on the blockaded territory of Gaza was the worst episode of fighting between the Gaza resistance factions and the Israeli regime since then.

On Saturday night, a ceasefire brokered by Egypt was agreed upon by both sides following five days of fighting.

At Friday’s commemoration event, Khaled al-Batsh, leader of Islamic Jihad, paid tribute to the group’s commanders who had been slain in assassination operations undertaken by Israel during their offensive.

This ceremony is held today by the Islamic Jihad to honor its martyrs and leaders, including Khalil Al-Bahtini, Jihad Ghannam, Tareq Ezzedine, Khadder Adnan, Ali Ghali, Ahmed Abu Dakka, Eyad Al Hasani, and all the martyrs of our people.

“We want to make it known to the entire world that, despite the F-16 airstrikes and the American 139 rockets that were launched at us, this nation is still standing and will continue to fight,” he added.

“We affirm our right to freedom and, in memory of those who have died, we pledge to never cease in our struggle against the Zionists. May their blood and sacrifice be the source of our strength and courage.”

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