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The speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah today (20/05/2016). Here is the translation/paraphrasing of the most essential points





















Nasrallah‬ on Mustafa Badreddine’s origins with Hizbullah: « During the lives of martyrs, we use their codenames. But after their martyrdom, we use their real names. So let me introduce you to Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, this great Jihadi commander. He was one of the first members of this Resistance, from its beginning hours. He was at the forefront of confronting the ‘Israeli’ enemy with a group of mujahideen who formed the first brigades of the Islamic Resistance. He fought during the battle of Khaldeh and fought with the Palestinian Resistance. He was also wounded during his Jihadi activities, and this injury affected his legs and the way he walked until his martyrdom. Inf act, he was one of the first Islamic Resistance mujahideen ever wounded. »

#Nasrallah on Mustafa Badreddine’s victories: « Sayyed Mustafa was tasked with the central responsibility of overseeing Hizbullah’s military development from 1995 to 1999, working on enhancing the Resistance until the great victory of Liberation 2000. Mustafa was one of the architects of the great Ansariyah Ambush and the triumph over ‘Israel’ in what the enemy called Grapes of Wrath. He was one of the developers of our psychological warfare apparatus and alongside Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, his brother and friend and close colleague, he was one of the keys of defeating the Zionist entity in the July 2006 War. He helped dismantle ‘Israeli’ spy networks in Lebanon and was truly one of the greatest minds of the Islamic Resistance. He was bold, professional, wise, truthful and very deep, who cried when the situation called for it and who was firm as well needed. »

#Nasrallah on Sayyed Mustafa’s involvement in Syria: « Sayyed Mustafa was also the commander of our operations in Syria and worked side by side with the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF in defeating the Takfiri groups. Sayyed Mustafa was in fact a main pillar of preventing ‪#‎Syria‬ from falling into Takfiri hands and the hands of their American-Zionist masters. Originally, he ran our Syria operations from Beirut and told me he wanted to go to the battlefield and be with his brothers on the ground. I told him no, as I wanted to preserve his life, because this fight was very dangerous. But I could not keep him from what he loved to do; he loved the Resistance, he loved the confrontation with the enemy and he loved martyrdom. The battle for Syria is the most important battle he told me, and he died as he lived, upholding the dignity of the Islamic Resistance and fighting for the freedom of our people. »

#Nasrallah on the oneness of our martyrs and our struggle: « The status of the martyrs is related to those who die in the name of God, confronting occupation and aggression. They died defending the oppressed, the homelands, the sanctities, their religion and our cause. They are confronting American-‘Israeli’ hegemony. Whether they’re killed directly by ‘Israel’ and America or their Takfiri proxies. The martyrs of the Resistance are the martyrs of the Resistance, whether they’re martyred in South Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq or Syria. They’re all our martyrs. Because the enemy is the same and the battle is the same. »

#Nasrallah on Hizbullah’s history of always responding to ‘Israel’: « I want to repeat the same stance within the framework I’ve spoken of previously. When we have evidence, we accuse the Zionist enemy. Whether it’s circumstantial like the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh or directly like the Quneitra martyrs. And we have this evidence, we retaliate. Our history is a testament to us keeping our promises. When we pledge to respond, we always respond. We tell you very clear that we are always ready for war with ‘Israel’. After the response for the Quneitra Martyrs, we evacuated our military posts and our command centers where there were thousands of trainees still learning, because we felt we were on the brink of war. When Samir al-Quntar was martyred, despite all ‘Israeli’ threats that if we did something, they’d do something bigger, our men went deep into the Shebaa Farms and planted a huge bomb. We were prepared for the repercussions and are prepared no matter what. »
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No matter how many times #Nasrallah repeats these words, he always gives me goosebumps: « Our history shows we don’t back down in the face of the Zionist enemy. We are not afraid and never were. Today, on the occasion of Sayyed Zulfiqar Badreddine, I tell you once more o’ Zionists – If you kill any of our mujahideen, not just our commanders, I tell you ‘Israel’ and all the traitorous, collaborationist, godless Arabs, we will hit you back and respond to you even beyond the Shebaa Farms! »

#Nasrallah responding to the fools who think Hizbullah will be hurt by the loss of one leader: « The Islamic Resistance is not made up of one commander, five or ten. Our Muqawama has a GENERATION of commanders and if one is martyred in this holy struggle against ‘Israel’ and its tools, another takes his place, for Hizbullah is a complete organization that cannot be broken with the removal of a single personality, even one as special as Sayyed Mustafa. »

#Nasrallah just blasted Al-Saud’s calls for « democracy » in Syria: « The Saudi regime wants early parliamentary and presidential elections in Syria. But Saudi Arabia from its very inception as a nation-state until now has never had elections on its own soil. There is a ‘king’ and a ‘royal’ family and a dictatorship. Does anyone dare open his mouth against the regime in Saudi Arabia?! If someone dares to post two lines on Twitter, the ‘royal’ family goes crazy and sentences him to 1,000 lashes. What kind of Islam is this?! What sort of religion is this?! This is the ugliest form of hypocrisy! »

#Nasrallah is on fire: « This is not about freedom or democracy or elections or constituons! This is about the Syrian government not kneeling! This is about #Syria refusing to be a tool of American-Zionist hegemony. This is because Syria holds on to Resistance, refuses to betray Iran, defends Palestine, demands the return of the Golan Heights and maintains its sovereignty. This is because Syria is still a bastion of Arabism. Mark my words, if Bashar al-Assad was to say right now that he’d become a slave of the US-‘Israeli’ project, the war against Syria would be over tomorrow. »

#Nasrallah: « I say to you with all confidence, throughout our 34 years, we have witnessed worse circumstances than what we’re dealing with today. And with our loyalty, steadfastness and commitment to the ongoing march on our path of Resistance, we shall overcome this new phase as well. In this battle, we are advancing and achieving victories. The Americans, the Zionists and Al-Saud said they’d gobble up #Syria five years ago, but yet Syria still stands today! This is because of the sacrifices of our martyrs. Indeed, Sayyed Mustafa’s blood and the blood of all our martyrs is the fuel which contributes to driving us to victory in this historic defense of the Ummah. Therefore our decision about continuing this fight is a simple one. I say to all of you who propagandized we’d leave Syria because of Sayyed Mustafa’s martyrdom – The martyrdom of any of our commanders has never made us leave any battle. Quite to the contrary, their martyrdoms will only make us increase our presence in Syria. We will be in Syria in greater numbers and different forms until victory. This is how we honor our martyrs and bring defeat to the US-Zionist-Takfiri-Saudi project. This project will fall; this project will be destroyed. I vow to you once more, Syria will never become the tool of our enemies and they will never get control of our region! »

#Nasrallah concludes with a vow to continue the battle in Sayyed Mustafa’s honor: « The latest military achievements in Syria, namely the rapid advance through Eastern Ghouta, bear the fingerprints of Sayyed Mustafa. It was our great Jihadi commander who worked towards making the areas of Damascus International Airport and the Sayyeda Zaynab Shrine safe, and this is exactly what our men and the Syrian Arab Army have accomplished in the past several days. It was this area where Sayyed Mustafa was martyred by the Zionists’ Takfiri tools. On this day, I say that Hizbullah’s vengeance for Sayyed Mustafa will be holding on to our role in Syria, defeating the Takfiri terrorist scourge and preserving the Resistance which Sayyed Mustafa was martyred for. »

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