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The masterminds behind dirty war on Syria behind New Zealand attack, massacre

The masterminds behind dirty war on Syria behind New Zealand attack, massacre because the same scenario takes us to the same perpetrators who played the same sinister game in Syria. No need to get lost in details here the answer. Remember what israel mentioned ISIL. “ISIL is a blessing of God for us against those nations that want to destroy israel,” No doubt that the massacre in New Zealand is another blessing for slaughterer israel because israel and global zionist lobbies have been the war, conflicts, chaos between Shias & Sunnis and Muslims & Christians.

Erdogan used video footage of massacre in New Zealand in his rally

Is Turkey using New Zealand massacre in favour of upcoming election?

Ömer Çelik, the Spokesman of AKP about the massacre of New Zealand. “There is a political stacking doll ghost wandering. There is enmity for Erdogan at the top, and enmity for Turkey, Islam at the bottom of this political stacking dool ghost.”

In the following tweet Hilal Kaplan says, “The dirtybag terrorist targeted Erdogan from 16,000 km while there are some people who can not understand our future,”
This lady is a a supporter of Erdogan in all areas. Do they use this massacre in favour of Erdogan? Few days ago Netanyahu attacked Erdogan and yesterday the New Zealand… During a time when Erdogan has no any supporters ahead of upcoming elections 0n March 31, 2019.

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